• RIsk Assessment
  • Governance Review
  • Project Health Check
  • Gateway Review
  • Project Recovery
  • Risk & Issue Management

Organisations invest considerable time and money in the development of a Business Case to provide systems that will allow them to obtain competitive edge in the market or provide improved services to existing clients.

Stakeholders then rely on successful project/program implementations to realise these benefits. Whilst best intentions are important, failure to utilise industry best practice in the management and governance of projects/programs will often see business initiatives fail. Either through unrealised benefits, delays in bringing products to market, or budget overrun.

Certitude can provide independent review services at all layers of project governance:

  • Stakeholder/Steering Committee
  • Program
  • Project

These services will provide management with an accurate view of project/program ‘health’ and confidence in approval of Milestone or Deliverable progression. This independent review can include both the internal organisation and any third party vendors.

In the event, your project is failing (missing Deliverables, dates, quality), Certitude has the experience to assess the project status, identify points of failure, provide cure plans and facilitate the delivery of the project to its next successful Milestone. Often the existing team is so embedded in the project, they cannot see the ‘woods from the trees’. An independent person can often quickly identify the issues and assist the project team in the resolution and get the project back on schedule.